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Yanagiya Kankitsu EX Medicated Scalp Care Essence (180ml) X 2
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Yanagiya Kankitsu EX Medicated Scalp Care Essence (180ml) X 2

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All our hair care products are REGISTERED under the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK). You are able to buy and use our products with total peace of mind.

Yanagiya Kankitsu Ex Medicated Scalp Care Essence (180ml)

The natural citrus extract enriches and softens the scalp, encouraging healthy scalp conditions. Medicinal properties work on the soft scalp to promote blood circulation, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. The fresh menthol makes it feel great to use for both men and women.

How to use

1. Use after washing hair or before styling.

2. Spray about 5 cm away from the scalp, spray an appropriate amount, and lightly massage the whole with your finger pad.

3. Use about twice a day.

4. When you start using it, please press it several times until the contents come out.

5. When massage, do not use your nails and do it gently with your finger pads to avoid damaging your scalp.

*It can be used by both men and women.*



1. 在洗头后或定型前使用。

2. 距头皮约5厘米,喷适量,然后用手指垫轻轻按摩整个部位。

3. 每天大约使用两次。

4. 当您开始使用它时,请按几次直到内容出来。

5. 按摩时,请勿使用指甲,并在手指腹部轻轻按摩,以免损坏头皮。


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Subsequently, every 1KG for RM11.35

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