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    Chihtsai Avorganic Magic Oil (60ml)
    • UV & Heat Protection 
    • Mend / Prevent Split Ends 
    • Splendid Moisture 
    • Absolute Pleasant Scents Suitable for For all hair types
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    Chihtsai No.7 Conditioner - pH Balancing Rinse (1000ml)
    • No.7 pH Balancing Rinse
    • Suitable for chemically-treated/dry/damaged hair
    • Volume: 1000ml
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    Chihtsai No.12 Instant Treatment (150ml)
    • Prevents hair from environmental damages
    • Detangle & prevent from split ends
    • Deep Vitamin-E penetration & High Lock-in-moist ability
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    Chihtsai No.2 Shampoo - Oily/Fine/Limp (1000ml)
    • For Oily/Fine/Limp Hair
    • 适合油性/细发/易塌
    • Volume: 1000ml
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    PCQ Cutting Chair CC3748 - BLACK

    PCQ Cutting Chair CC3748

    • Square base
    • Size: 28" (L) X 24" (W)
    • Made in Malaysia

    Shipping rate for furniture is based on quantity and location of delivery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. 

    RM 790
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    Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer - 2400W
    • Maximum power of 2400W at 240V.
    • Reduces drying time by more than 30%
    • Quiet, light weight and perfectly balanced.
    • Air flow hydrates and makes hair glossy.
    RM 320.00
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    PRO-Q Peel Off Powder Mask (1kg)

    The Innovative Technology and New Formulations of FACIAL PEEL OFF MASKS

    Our range of facial powder masks are formulated with natural organic plants essence, processes through high rechnology equipment to produce the most excellent quality in absorbability and contractibility, tightening skin and reducing wrinkles, giving the instant remarkable effects in resilience, vitality and youthfulness to skin.

    Vegetal Fiber - Detox:
    It is highly effective in removing dirt and impurities, able to penetrate deep into skin layer in cleansing away unwanted wastes and dead old skin cells which are the causes of blockage of skin pores, hence paving the functions for detoxifying and purifying. (Formulated with seaweed, spinach, wheatgrass, spirulina extracts)

    Coffee - Energy:
    Proccessing active ingredients in energy-reactivating and refreshing functions, enabling skin cells in restoring vitality and glamour, appearing invigorating and youthful.

    Oat - Lifting:
    Containing essence of oat and mixture of milk which is an outstanding resilient agent in restoring skin elasticity, at the same time keeping skin soft and smooth.

    Soy Bean - Whitening:
    Specially formulated from soy bean (soja hispida) extracts and mixed with milk which is effective for eliminating pigmentation, freckles and black spots, leaving skin fresh and healthy, resulting lightened and delicate skin.

    Red Bean - Soothing:
    Being an excellent hydrator hydrator and UV light absorber, it is able to supply moisture directly to skin tissues, at the same time provide skin with softhening, headling and anti-inflammatory results, hence enabling skin in refreshing, soothing and relaxing conditions.

    Green Pea - Purifying:
    Processing essential natural plants extracts such as green pea (Pisum Sativum), red beans and yellow beans, able to purify and remove excessive oil formation within skin layer, hence reducing accumulation of sebum secretion, preventing clogging skin pores and providing sufficient moisture to skin.

    RM 70.00
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    Yanagiya Hair Growth Tonic (240ml)
    • Preventing hair loss
    • Promoting hair growth
    • Eliminate dandruff
    • Prevent itchy & oily scalp
    • Made in Japan
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    Yanagiya Kankitsu EX Medicated Scalp Care Essence (180ml)

    Four kinds of natural citrus extracts in a hair growth essence prepare scalp consitions.


    • Prevent hair loss
    • Promote hair growth
    • The fresh menthol makes it feel great to use for both men and women
    • Made in Japan
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    Sensual Serum (10 x 3.8ml)
    • Sensual Plus
    • 10 x 3.8ml
    RM 29.00
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